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October 26, 2009

The Goal | Men of Integrity

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Theme of the Week: High-Profile Turnarounds

Key Bible Verse: The power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you from the power of sin that leads to death (Romans 8:2). Bonus Reading: Romans 8:1-11

Most mature Canadians remember where they were on September 28, 1972, during the final hockey “Summit Series” game against the Russians. With 34 seconds left, Team Canada’s left winger Paul Henderson banged home the winner!

Despite the ensuing fame and fortune, within months Paul grew restless. “I’d buy a new car or set of clubs,” he says, “and in two weeks, I was bored with them. “What’s wrong with me? he wondered. Why can’t I sleep at night?

Paul had assumed that a man’s man couldn’t be a follower of Christ. But finally, in desperation, he picked up a Bible he’d received as a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs. For two-and-a-half years he laboriously studied it and grilled a Christian friend.”I came to believe there really was a God, and that he loved me,” he says.

But in the same breath in which he surrendered his life to Christ, Paul warned God, “Don’t expect me to tell anybody about this! I’ll never have the guts to do it.” Today, as director of Campus Crusade for Christ Canada’s Leadership Ministries, he’s told tens of thousands about something more important to him than scoring The Goal.

—Judy Nelson in Worldwide Challenge

My Response: With whom could I share the story of my own turnaround?

Thought to Apply: Once I was blind … and now I see! And the difference is the good news of God’s love.—Walter Brueggemann (professor)

Adapted from Worldwide Challenge (3-4/98) by permission

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