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October 14, 2009

What makes you angry? « Power to Change

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What makes you angry?

Written by Darren Hewer

The Barna Group poll results, summarized below, can help us to gauge what seems to be the most important moral issues to many Christians in America. Barna asked people which issues they thought was a “major problem” facing the country:

Abortion is the overwhelming choice of evangelicals as the nation’s top moral problem, according to a new survey by The Barna Group.

Among evangelicals, abortion was rated a major problem by 94 percent of respondents, followed, in order, by the personal debt of Americans (81 percent), the content of TV and movies (79 percent), homosexual activists (75 percent), homosexual lifestyles (75 percent), poverty (72 percent), immigration (72 percent) and HIV/AIDS (71 percent). Global warming finished at the bottom, with only 33 percent of evangelicals saying it is a major issue.

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(Source: BP)

These are the results based on the 10 issues Barna chose to ask about. It’s interesting that “the personal debt of Americans” was #2 on the list, even though these surveys were taken long before the market crash.

Do these results align with your own views? Which topics raise a passion for justice, a “righteous anger”, for you?

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